The Science of the Slapshot
The Secret of the Hat Trick
The Secrets Behind Hockey Curses
The Science of Hockey Tape
The Science of the Backhander
Experiment to Find the Perfect Puck
The Science of the Perfect Pass
Secrets Behind Pre-Game Rituals
Secrets Behind Home Ice & Home Crowd Advantage
An experiment with mannequins and goalie masks
The Science of Goalie Reflexes
Experimenting with Goalie Masks and Hockey Pucks
The Science Behind Deflections
The Secret of the Stink
Revealing the Secrets of the Athletic Ready Position
Uncovering Secrets Behind the Unlucky Number 13
The Science of a Wrist Shot
Feel the Burn Experiment
The Science Behind Ice
The Secret of Skate Blades
Hammer vs Ice
The Science of Stadium Ice
Secrets of the Playoff Beard
Ice: How Cold is Too Cold?
The Need for Speed Experiment
The Science Behind Dekes & Dangles
Johnny Bower and Secrets to Success
Secrets of Organ Music
Secrets of Hockey Sticks
The Science of the Snap Shot
Experimenting with Hockey Skates, Pt2
Experimenting with Hockey Skates, Pt1
The Science Involved with Stopping & Turning
A Look at Your Brain on Hockey
The Secrets Behind Hockey Hair
The Science of the Shootout


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